Carolina Animal Hospital of Creedmoor

2552 Capitol Drive, Suite 103
Creedmoor, NC 27522



COVID-19 Hospital Protocol

(Updated December 1st 2021)


As medical professionals with deep educational backgrounds in infectious disease, virology, epidemiology, and public health, our practice has a responsibility to model best practices in addressing community safety while continuing to care for our clients and their pets in these uncertain and unprecedented times.

Our hospital has updated our protocols based on CDC, State and Local Guidelines.

If you have illness symptoms – Cough, Sneezing, Fever or Fatigue - call us to facilitate care for your pet, medication refills or food pick-up. (919) 528-0606. Some solutions may include telephone consults, drive up appointments, curbside loading, friends or family bringing your pets in for you, as well as medication mailing or online ordering for at home delivery.


We request only ONE PERSON enter our facility for your pet’s appointment. If multiple pets are scheduled, our staff will help you wrangle them.


We have transitioned to having a client in the examination room for their consultation with our staff and Veterinarians. We continue to utilize our treatment area to obtain patient vitals, collect laboratory samples and perform medical evaluations for most patients.

Please adhere to “Social Distancing” by observing a minimum of 6 feet from other clients while in the facility.

Please keep dogs on a short leash (3-4 feet) and cats (and small dogs) in a carrier.

If you are uncomfortable with the above, we are happy to facilitate curbside care from the parking lot (as we have done since the start). Please either let us know when scheduling the appointment, or call the office when you arrive onsite.


NCSU VETERINARY SCHOOL / TEACHING HOSPITAL AND EMERGENCY SERVICES, Veterinary Specialty Hospital of the Carolinas, Triangle Veterinary Referral Services are all continuing to  operate under a Pandemic Protocol - Only Doctors and Staff are permitted inside their facilities with staff coming out to the parking lot to retrieve pets from their owners cars. Communication is being performed thru cellphone conversations only. Pet Owners are not being permitted inside those facilities at this time and for the foreseeable future.

Current Emergency Visit Exam Fees:

$ 155 : Blue Pearl / Veterinary Specialty Hospital

$ 170 : Triangle Veterinary Referral Hospital

$ 196 : NC State Veterinary Teaching Hospital

*** As reported to us, wait times for Emergency Services continue to be  "Several hours" for anything other than an imminent life threatening emergency.***

Thank you for cooperating with us  - and we ask you keep your opinions on Masks, COVID and Vaccinations to yourself while here. We realize not everyone assesses the overall situation or their risks the same, however we will not tolerate behavioral outbursts between clients who want to argue with one another.... like the folks widely publicized on Social Media.