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Pyometra is the medical term for an infection where the uterus becomes distended with bacteria and pus. Untreated this condition can lead to death either through the absorption of toxins from the bacteria and pus into the blood stream (sepsis) or the rupture of the fragile uterine tissues and release of the pus into the abdomen - conceptually similar to a ruptured appendix. This condition is considered a surgical emergency and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Our veterinary practice surgical protocols for pyometra include our hospital standards of physical examination, blood profile, IV catheter and IV fluids, pre and post operative pain relief, anesthesia, surgical procedure, a bite not or e-collar, post-operative medical management in the hospital from 1-3 days, pain relief and antibiotics to go home and the post operative follow-up appointment for suture removal.

Pyometra Surgery Package Group

Office Visit & Medical Records                                        
Exam: Anesthesia Procedure                                            
Hospital Day Care: Pre/Post Operative                         
Complete Blood Count                                           
Blood Chemistry - Major                                     
Acepromazine Inj. Sedation                              
Butorphanol Inj. Sedation                                 
Anesthesia Support: IV Catheter                                     
Anesthesia Support: IV Fluids                                         
Narcotic Pain Relief Injection

Antibiotic Injection
Anesthesia Induction Drugs                                         
Isoflurane Inhalant Gas: First 30 Min. / Additional Minutes.

ECG, Blood Pressure, Temperature Monitor                  
Staff Monitoring: Anesth. Support                                  

Surgical Suite                                                       
Surgical Sterile Preparation                               
Surgical Instrument Pack                                   
Surgical Materials, Misc.                                   
Laparotomy / Sponges, Excess
Suture Materials, Excess                                    
Gown, Mask, Gloves                                           
Pyometra Surgery
NSAID Pain Relief Injection

Hospitalized Medical Management From 1-3 Days

Narcotic Pain Relief Tabs To Go Home                               

Antibiotic Tabs To Go Home

Bite Not Collar / E-Collar To Go Home
Progress Evaluation Suture Removal Appointment             

Pyometra Surgery                                     $ 800.00 - $ 1200.00