Carolina Animal Hospital of Creedmoor

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Carolina Animal Hospital Services



We offer preventative and comprehensive health care for every life stage. From pediatrics to gerontology, our health care team will discuss your pet's individual needs, age appropriate screening tests and preventative care recommendations. Our aim is to keep you informed about your pet's health and how you may become more proactive in maintaining optimal wellness.



Our doctors regard anesthesia and surgery as important events for each pet. Our hospital protocol for patients undergoing anesthesia includes a full physical examination, pre-anesthetic blood testing, intravenous catheter placement with fluid support, and sophisticated monitoring of blood pressure, core body temperature, respiratory and cardiac function. Anesthetic agents selected by our doctors are based on individual patient requirements and include the use of multi-modal pre-and-post operative pain management. Surgical procedures are performed in our modern surgical suite under sterile conditions.



Dental disease doesn't just affect the teeth and cause bad breath. Besides impacting quality of life, poor oral health may lead to potentially life threatening illness such as infections of teh heart valves, lungs and kidneys. As part of our dental procedures, we follow hospital protocols for anesthesia, monitoring and pain management. Your pet will receive a complete oral examination to identify and treat diseased or damaged teeth and gums. An ultrasonic scaler removes plaque and tartar and is followed by crown polishing.


Specialty Referral

In addition to our own in-house capabilities, we maintain professional working relationships with top diagnostic laboratories, board certified referral specialists and emergency and critical care facilities. We draw upon these relationships to enable us to extend the highest quality of cutting edge surgical and medical science to our patients.