Hospital Policies

Carolina Animal Hospital of Creedmoor

2552 Capitol Drive, Suite 103
Creedmoor, NC 27522



Carolina Animal Hospital of Creedmoor Hospital Policies


Every business must have policies in place addressing frequently encountered issues in order to establish ways for handling these issues in a consistent, logical and sensible manner. We are no different in that we have many established protocols in place with respect to both business and medical issues so that we may conduct our animal hospital in a professional, ethical and safe manner.  


The following pages contain information regarding some of our hospitals policies pertaining to:


Appointments: Scheduled Appointments, Late Arrivals and Missed or No Shows

Payment: Forms of Payment, Time of Service, Deposits

Prescriptions: Prescription Medications, Refill Requests, Returns and Written Prescriptions


Please see the appropriate section for further information.

If, after reading, you have specific questions regarding our policies please call our front office.