Carolina Animal Hospital of Creedmoor

2552 Capitol Drive, Suite 103
Creedmoor, NC 27522


Specialty Referral Care and Emergency Care

In addition to our own in-house capabilities, we maintain professional working relationships with top diagnostic laboratories, board certified referral specialists and emergency and critical care facilities. We draw upon these relationships to enable us to extend the highest quality of cutting edge surgical and medical science to our patients. Specialty Referral Links

  • Advanced Surgery Specialty Referral
    • Orthopedic - Complicated Fractures, Elbow / Shoulder / Hip and Knee Surgeries
    • Soft Tissue - Liver Shunts, Specialized Bowel Surgeries

  • Advanced Dentistry Specialist Referral
    • Orthodontics
    • Prosthodontics
    • Root Canals and Implants

  • Behavior Specialty Referral
    • Separation Anxiety Consultation
    • Aberant Behavior Consultations

  • Cardiology Speciality Referral
    • Cardiac Ultrasounds (Echos)
    • Pacemaker Implantation

  • Dermatology Speciality Referral
    • Allergy Testing
    • Advanced Work-ups for Puritus and Alopecia (Itching and Hair Loss)

  • Internal Medicine Specialty Referral
    • Complex Hormone Related Disease: Advanced Work-up and Treatment
    • Respiratory Diseases
    • Endoscopy / Rhinoscopy / Bronchoscopy Referrals:
      • Nasal Sinus Rhinoscopy
      • Trachea and Lung Bronchoscopy
      • Esophagus, Stomach and Small Intestine Endoscopy
      • Colonoscopy 

  • Oncology Specialty Referral
    • Surgical Cancer Therapy
    • Chemotherapy
    • Radiation Cancer Therapy

  • Ophthalmology Specialty Referral
    • Glaucoma Emergencies
    • Cataract Removal and Lens Implantation
    • Eye Trauma Emergency Treatment

  • Radiology and Imaging Specialty Referral
    • Cardiac Evaluation - Echocardiograms
    • Abdominal Ultrasound Evaluations
    • Ultrasound Guided Biopsy Sample Collection