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Medical Services


Wellness Care: Examinations, Immunizations and Preventative Care


We offer preventative and comprehensive health care for every life stage. From pediatrics to gerontology, our health care team will discuss your pet's individual needs, age appropriate screening tests and preventative care recommendations. Our aim is to keep you informed about your pet's health and how you may become more proactive in maintaining optimal wellness. You can read more about the specifics of our Kitten Wellness Care Packages, Puppy Wellness Care Packages and Adult Feline and Canine Wellness Care using the links provided:

 * There is one new update for 2023:

Registered Veterinary Technician Appointments to kick off in March.

With the creation of Registered Veterinary Technician based appointments, we are aiming to reduce wait times for access to regular preventative services as well as open up more doctor availability for those truly ill or injured patients which do need hands on doctor appointments.

In addition, our price point for our RVT based appointment will be substantially lower than our Doctor Based Appointment fee. We are beginning this new option of providing care initially with second and third Puppy and Kitten juvenile appointments. These RVT based appointments are designed to provide even more dedicated trained staff time for you, your pet and your questions (30 minutes instead of 20 minutes) and access to the same routine preventative care we normally provide, based on your needs in an easier to schedule  format AND at lower price points.

These second and third juvenile progress appointment packages will now run only $ 65 per visit versus our $ 95 per visit Doctor based juvenile progress appointments. This single format change gives you more time with our trained staff, easier access to appointments convenient to your own schedule and saves you $ 60 over two visits.

Don't worry though, Doctor based appointment scheduling isn't going away - and will be there, with even greater availability on short notice now - for those times when you and your pet really do NEED to see the Doctor. We're there for you, even on short notice.

Sometime later this year we are hoping to kick off a new option in providing access to routine preventative care services (vaccines, heartworm testing, intestinal parasite screening and access to prescriptions for Heartworm, flea and tick products) for adult well patient visits as well RVT appointments for follow ups of minor problem visits for our ESTABLISHED PATIENTS with greater availability/convenience  and a lower price point than our traditional Veterinarian Doctor based appointments.  Stay tuned for updates on this new option as it becomes available.

Illness and Injury Care

Unfortunately, despite your best efforts sometimes your companion animals will become sick or injured. Illness and Injury block off appointments are open for advanced scheduling for illness or injury problems only - giving us the capacity to see our sick patients sooner. We do accept new clients / new patients with problems through our Illness and Injury Appointments. These appointments are designed to handle most of the demand for our short term needs patients (things that should be see within 1-3 days) and are not utilized by routine preventative care / wellness scheduling.

However, sometimes even these Illness and Injury appointment slots can become filled up to several days in advance. If this is the case we have one additional option for our Establish Clients Only:

Flex Urgent Care Appointments

We have also experienced a substantial increase in both established and new client visit requests - to address this surge, we’ve integrated FLEX URGENT CARE SLOTS into our daily schedule. These slots are additional to our time specific scheduled wellness / preventative care and Illness/Injury appointments. These FLEX URGENT CARE SLOTS can only be utilized by our established clients and established patients after all other available time specific appointment slots have been filled.

There are four FLEX URGENT CARE SLOTS per day, two morning / afternoon blocks, which are flexibly timed. Our staff will request you come in and we will start an initial history / triage, and fit your pet in based on urgency and existing case load. We advise you call early, as once these slots are filled we don’t have excess capacity and will have to refer you to Emergency Services -- which you do not want to have happen.

Let us reiterate –THESE FLEX URGENT CARE SLOTS ARE FOR OUR ESTABLISHED CLIENTS/PATIENTS ONLY - and are only opened up on that particular day. These slots are at an increased fee premium to offset additional support staff costs, and frankly to discourage less than urgent cases from utilizing them.


In the event your pet has an emergency PLEASE CALL OUR OFFICE  so we can help facilitate the fastest access to the most prudent care -- In some cases, the nature of the problem may dictate the best level of medical care can be achieved by recommended transfer to a Specialty Referral Practice or a 24 Hour Emergency Practice. We utilize these important options on a case by case basis - including referral for overnight care, monitoring and continuation of treatments which were initiated by our practice during the day.

Specialty Referral and Emergency Care

In addition to our own in-house capabilities, we maintain professional working relationships with top diagnostic laboratories, board certified referral specialists and emergency and critical care facilities. We draw upon these relationships to enable us to extend the highest quality of cutting edge surgical and medical science to our patients. Specialist Referrals


Laboratory Diagnostic Testing Available

Our hospital houses a laboratory onsite providing the capability to perform many types of diagnostic testing to assist us in providing routine preventative care as well as rapid test results on ill or injured patients. To augment our onsite capabilities, we contract with outside laboratories to provide access to more extensive testing including Tissue Biopsy Histopathology, Urinary Stone Analysis, Hormone Evaluation and many other cutting edge medical testing.

Blood Diagnostics:

      • Complete Blood Count Profiles: White Blood Cells, Red Blood Cells, Platelets
      • Organ Function Blood Chemistries: Kidney, Liver, Pancreas
      • Canine Heartworm Screening
      • Feline Heartworm Screening
      • Tick Borne Disease Screening: Lyme Disease, Ehrlichia Canis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
      • Feline Leukemia Vitus / Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Screening
      • Allergy Screening
      • Endocrine Hormone Disease Screening: Adrenal Gland, Thyroid Gland, Parathyroid Gland, Diabetes
      • Immune Related Diseases 

Eye Diagnostics:

      • Tonopen Ocular Pressure - Uveitis / Glaucoma Screening
      • Corneal Ulcer / Trauma Dye Screening
      • Tear Production Screening

Urine & Stool Diagnostics:

      • Giardia Parasite Screening 
      • Intestinal Parasite Screening
      • Parvovirus Screening
      • Urinalysis
      • Urine Culture and Antibiotic Sensitivity
      • Diabetes and other Disease Screening

Radiology X-Ray Diagnostics: In-Hospital Radiology Suite

      • Orthopedic Radiology Evaluation: Bones and Joints
      • Thoracic Radiology Evaluation: Heart & Lungs
      • Abdominal Radiology Evaluation: Liver, Spleen, Kidneys, Intestines, Colon, Bladder 

Other Laboratory Diagnostics:

      • Mange / Sarcoptic Mite Skin Screening
      • Fungal Disease Culture
      • Infection Culture and Antibiotic Sensitivity
      • Microscopic Cytology
      • Histopathology
      • Autopsy / Necropsy