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General Puppy Visit Information


Puppy Wellness Care Package

Just as with humans, the first year of life for a puppy requires multiple visits to the doctor. Carolina Animal Hospital of Creedmoor is committed to helping you get your new puppy started off in life on the right foot which includes proper preventative care immunizations and parasite screening. Because of these basic medical needs and their associated costs, we have developed a lower cost Puppy Wellness Care Package to make this first year more affordable to you. When all of our preventative care recommendations for your puppy are followed at each of the three visits the cost will be $ 95 per visit (x 3 Visits) and includes the services and products identified with our 8, 12 and 16 week puppy schedule below:


The Puppy Wellness Care Package does not include:

Additional doses of Heartworm prevention or Flea and Tick prevention beyond the single dose per visit.

Medical care for illness or injury conditions - examinations, diagnostic testing or treatment.

Spay or Neuter surgical procedures - we already have lower cost packages in place.



To be eligible for the Puppy Package Pricing, Puppies must be 3 months (12 weeks) or younger at the start of preventative care. For patients older than 12 weeks at initial exam, a specific care plan appropriate for their age will be necessary and prices will then be based on those specific services.

 Our preventative care recommendations as outlined in Puppy Visits 8, 12 and 16 weeks below must be followed.



Examination and Consultation: Initial Puppy Visit

A full physical examination will be performed to evaluate your puppy and help identify congenital (born-with) problems as well as symptoms of infectious disease. We examine our puppy patients from head to toe for issues such as heart murmurs, hernias, abnormal bones and joints, evidence of fleas, ticks, ear mites and skin mites (mange).

In addition, with new puppy owners we begin discussions about general healthcare topics such as (1) proper nutrition and feeding - making specific diet recommendations when we feel it is appropriate to advise our clients of a need to change brands, (2) Infectious disease prevention - avoiding areas where contagious diseases may be most likely to be present (3) Heartworm, intestinal, flea and tick parasite prevention and often discuss (4) techniques for house breaking, discipline (nipping / biting) and overall training.



Juvenile Progress Exam: Follow-up Puppy Visits

After your puppy's initial visit with a full physical examination, their scheduled visits occur at 4 week intervals (8, 12, & 16 weeks of age) and will be conducted as Medical Progress Exam appointments. These visits focus on the progress of your puppy's normal physical development, as well as to administer critical booster vaccines and to afford you the opportunity to ask additional questions of our qualified staff. They are designed to be relatively brief appointments (fifteen to twenty minutes) and are billed at a significantly reduced examination fee.

However, if you suspect your puppy has a problem or is otherwise ill - it is vital to mention these concerns when you make an appointment so that we may schedule an appropriate amount of time to address problems. This is the difference between normal routine Wellness Care and Illness / Injury visits.



Fecal Floatation - Intestinal Parasite Detection

We will obtain a sample of your puppy's stool (feces) and process it in a special Ova-float solution for microscopic evaluation. During the microscopic examination, we identify the 'Ova' or eggs shed by some of the adult parasites that may already be living within your puppy. If we find evidence of a specific type of parasitic egg in the fecal floatation, we will prescribe an appropriate pharmaceutical product to help eliminate them. For more information on Puppy Parasites



Strongid Deworming Paste

In the event we do not identify any 'Ova' in the sample, we will administer a general de-worming paste as a precautionary step. However if we identify certain forms of intestinal parasites during the microscopic fecal examination, we will prescribe additional medications. Some of the intestinal parasites affecting dogs can be also be carried or transferred by humans.



Heartworm and Flea and Tick Prevention

Generally, we recommend all puppies start heartworm parasite prevention at eight weeks of age. In most cases, the first dose is distributed complimentary. For smaller breeds with expected adult weights of less than 25 pounds, we recommend owners pick up a full year's supply of prevention (12 tablet pack) at this visit - to insure your puppy remains on heartworm prevention every month. Heartworms are a substantial problem in North Carolina and likely kill thousands of dogs in our state every year.

We also recommend owners begin using a flea and tick parasite control at this age as well. Fleas and ticks can potentially spread several different types of illnesses, some of which are also a risk to you and your family. Currently, we recommend monthly Nexgard (oral pill) for this purpose. For more information on Puppy Parasites



Puppy Visit Schedule 


8 Weeks: (40 Minute Appointment)

            - Complete Physical Examination

            - Fecal Flotation: Intestinal Parasite Screen

            - De-Worming Paste Administered

            - Vaccine: DHPP # 1 - Distemper / Hepatitis / Parvovirus / Parainfluenza

            - Vaccine: Bordetella Bronchiseptica - Kennel Cough

            - Start Heartworm Prevention, Single Dose

            - Start Flea / Tick Prevention, Single Dose 


12 Weeks: (20 Minute Appointment)

            - Juvenile Progress Exam

            - Fecal Floatation: Intestinal Parasite Screen

            - De-Worming Paste Administered

            - Vaccine: DHPP # 2 - Distemper / Hepatitis / Parvovirus / Parainfluenza 

            - Vaccine: Bordetella Bronchiseptica - Kennel Cough, if not previously given

            - Continue Heartworm Prevention, Single Dose

            - Continue Flea / Tick Prevention, Single Dose 


16 Weeks: (20 Minute Appointment)

            - Juvenile Progress Exam

            - Fecal Floatation: Intestinal Parasite Screen - if previously positive samples occurred

            - De-Worming Paste Administered - if previously positive samples

            - Vaccine: DHPP # 3 - Distemper / Hepatitis / Parvovirus / Parainfluenza

            - Vaccine: Rabies - 1 Year Tag and Certificate

            - Continue Heartworm Prevention, Single Dose

            - Continue Flea / Tick Prevention, Single Dose 


20 - 24 Weeks: (Surgical Appointment Package)

            - Surgical Procedure: Find details under Spay or Neuter Surgical Procedure section

            - Pre-Anesthetic Physical Examination

            - Blood Profile Testing Performed: Liver, Kidney and other organ function evaluated

            - Intravenous catheter (IV) placed and IV fluid support during entire procedure

            - Pre-Procedure Sedation, Tranquilization and Pre-emptive Pain Medications

            - Post-Procedure Pain Relief Provided to all surgical procedure patients.


1 Year and 4 Months: 40 Minute Appointment - First 'Young Adult' Visit

            - Complete Physical Examination

            - Heartworm Test: Blood Parasite Screen

            - Fecal Floatation: Intestinal Parasite Screen

            - Vaccine: DHPP 1 Year Booster Distemper / Hepatitis / Parvovirus / Parainfluenza        

            - Vaccine: Bordetella Bronchiseptica - Kennel Cough  

            - Vaccine: Rabies 3 Year - Tag and Certificate

            - Continue Heartworm Prevention and Flea / Tick Prevention