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GuideDog Foundation for the Blind


GuideDog Foundation for the Blind


The GuideDog Foundation for the Blind is a non-profit organization which provides trained service dogs at no cost to individuals with special needs. This international organization is located in New York but provides assistance animals all over the United States and Canada. The foundation operates solely from the donations of generous individuals.

Puppies from the foundation are fostered by caring families all across the country until they reach one year of age. The puppies are then brought back to the foundation where they begin their in-depth training to become guidedogs for the blind, deaf or assistants to others with special needs. This training can last anywhere from several months up to a year or more depending on the type of service activity intended.

As part of our community service efforts, in the last five years Carolina Animal Hospital has provided all preventative care at no cost / significantly discounted fees to the foundation for four separate puppies fostered by a local family in Creedmoor. Preventative care for the puppies includes full physical exams at each puppy wellness visit, vaccines with boosters, intestinal parasite screenings and de-wormings. The puppies are neutered or spayed at six months of age if the GuideDog Foundation does not intend to incorporate the individual dog into their breeding program.

While our practice enjoys our work with the GuideDog Foundation, we wish to recognize the tremendous contribution of the local family which raises these puppies as part of their family until the dogs are returned to the foundation for training.