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Payment Policy & Deposits on Hospitalized Patients



Payment for Services

Our practice requests full payment at the time services are rendered.

We do not send out billing invoices to individual clients, permit running tabs or 'put it on account' for later payment. In addition, we do not offer payment plans, hold checks or accept post dated checks.


For your convenience, we accept the following payment forms:


Visa Icon Mastercard Icon Discover Icon American Express Icon Cash Icon Check Icon





United States Treasury currency is always accepted.


Credit Card

We accept Discover, American Express, Visa and Mastercard. You may be asked to show a Driver's License during payment.



We utilize an electronic check verification service to guarantee monetary processing. We accept personal checks (bank endorsed) - We cannot accept Account Starter Checks, Third Party Checks, or Checks brought in by another person. We require a valid Driver's License during payment.



As of October 15th 2012, our practice no longer accepts CareCredit financing. The reasoning behind this decision boils down to the fact that between their financing services fees charged to our business for each transaction (You didn't pay interest, but they take a large chunk of the total amount we would normally be paid as their financing fee) as well as the cost of staff time needed to discuss CareCredit, even with people who ultimately did not use our services, and continually working through the company's ever changing financial processing systems, we were paying roughly 12-15% (which is more than our entire profit margin) to offer this service. Our business was actually losing money with each and every transaction, and we simply refuse to pass the cost of that loss onto our other clients by increasing their fees to pay for it.


Deposits on Hospitalized Patients

Patients hospitalized for scheduled procedures or for emergency illness or injury cases may be required to make an initial payment towards the anticipated cost of care.

A simple example of this scenario would be the Hospitalization of a Puppy with significant Parvovirus Illness. Due to the serious nature of the disease, treatment and level of care required and an average hospital stay of between 4 and 7 days, the anticipated cost of care at the onset of hospitalization ranges between $ 1,000 - 2,000. A deposit of the lower end estimate ($ 1,000) would be required prior to hospitalization and initiation of care.